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Train Race: Three cars - the rear two cars are essentially welded together - the front car supplies power and drive train, the rearmost car has the brakes - the nuts that pilot these things drive them in a figure eight - a cross between demolition derby and just plain lunacy.  The rear two cars are attached to the front car with an extremely overbuilt hitch. The center car typically has an authentic operating train horn - for sound effects.

Train Races Saturday night at Cajon Speedway - Full Moon - Figures - Matt and Trevor finished a respectable 4th (in a field of 5)- even with a blown front tire on the Cadillac Eldo from Hell  # 21 - Trevor was the driver - Matt was the brakeman and horn blower in the Fiat (I think that's what that fine automobile was).

This was Trevor's first finish - he just put in a rebuilt  500+ cubic inch Caddy motor -  the center car has a really cool train horn. For the next race; he's going get some new front tires!