John Dwulet, Mitchell Sales Rep Since 2004

about me

Hi, I',m John Dwulet - (JD, Johnny, Jony5 to my friends.) I moved to San Diego from the Jersey Shore in 1981 (Exit 98)  I was born and raised in Point Pleasant, NJ.

If it burns fuel, makes noise and goes fast I'm all over it. I am blessed living in Southern California (about 25 east of San Diego) which has  the greatest weather one could imagine, and the most outrageous twisties in the country.

My favorite roads are: Old Julian, Mesa Grande, Wildcat Cajon, Japatul Valley, Pally, Banner, Montezuma, Lions Valley and Sunrise just to name a few. I am also privileged to be less than 2 hours from some of the greatest sand dunes in the country - the Imperial Valley Dessert - just east of San Diego.

I also have some swell friends who share my passion for fun stuff. I hope you like the pix I have posted here.

I began a new professional career in San Diego working as a finance officer in several new car dealerships, I was basically the walking mans friend. We could get anyone financed - or least die trying. After 10 years in the car business - what seemed like an eternity, I quit and took a few years off. 

After getting bored I applied for and accepted a job with Mitchell International as a tech support agent. For the last 15 years, I've been working for Mitchell 1 in Poway California ( - man how time flies. Mitchell 1 is a division of Snap-on tools. 

I moved up from Tech Support to Quality Assurance Engineer, then to System Integration Analyst, Corporate Trainer and then Sr. Product Manager. The rest is an ongoing adventure.

I was promoted to Senior  Product Manager after serving as the corporate trainer for about 4 years with my bud Tim McDonnell. I am now at the helm of a software project I have been with since 1994. I was the QA engineer on Mitchell's Shop Management when development first started. The software was released to production in 1995 on September 21; my birthday - imagine that! As the Senior Product Manager, I am now able direct the continuing evolution of Mitchell 1's shop management software system.








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